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December Couple Baguio Trip [2019]

Baguio will always be one of our go-to places for a quick vacation whenever we’re burned out at work. Sharing our first Baguio trip as boyfriend-girlfriend!

Update: This was written last 2019 when Ryan and I were still dating and not yet married. Maybe you wanna read our Goals written in 2019 too. Hehe.

Actually, we were scheduled to go to Masbate! I was sad when we canceled our trip because of the Bagyong Ursula. We have things in mind to do already: early morning runs, dinner by the shore, meetups with high school friends, witness the wedding of my high school best friend, chase sunsets together with Mama and Ryan — it was supposed to be one of my most memorable moments with family.

It’s also Ryan’s first gala to Masbate sana! Sayang!

But then realizing Mother’s knows best, (Mama was afraid we’ll just be stranded in the port) made me somewhat say ‘okay’ to the canceled vacation.

Ryan’s Nanay was also worried about the storm so we went to Bicol Isarog Alabang to cancel our tickets.

Sad though that there’s no refund (Yes, there’s none!) but they converted our tickets to ‘open tickets’. Open tickets mean we can use the tickets within 30 days. In our case, we can use it until January 26, 2020 or transfer to another person with 100 pesos charge.

Anyway, I thought we’ll just stay in Cavite the whole December but my cousin Ate Jacques messaged us if we wanna go road tripping to Baguio! But of course!

Sad though Mama is not with us because she has work for 10 days (Metroderm Clinic Manager reliever because the current one will spend his vacation in their province).

So, Ryan and I together with Ate Jacques and hubby Kuya Patrick went to Baguio together for the first time. Yes, couple trip. Lol.


Day 1 – December 29, 2019

Ryan and I woke up at around 3AM to prepare for our Baguio adventure.

Night before, we packed our things already and I was laughing that Ryan is always reminding me that we will just be there for 2 days and 2 nights, not 1 week. LOL! But I packed light as always! Charot.

We went out of our house at Legian 2 Cavite at around 4:00 AM I guess and luckily, there are tricycles in the area going to Gahak where we rode a bus to Baclaran. Then from Baclaran, we rode a bus again going to Shaw.

Funny because whie in transit, I was making fun of Ryan telling him we won’t break up just because we’ll go to Baguio. Haha!

I don’t really know where this came from but according to legends (lol), couples who go up to Baguio will eventually break up. We just laughed about it and then he reassured again and again that it will never happen even if I am not saying anything. Haha!

Thought we’re going to arrive at 6AM because we went out late but we were at Ate’s condo before 5:30AM! Glad that we also have time for light breakfast. Kuya cooked some yummy lucban longganisa. Yummy!

At around 5:30 in the morning, we got our things and went to the parking for the building and off we went to Baguio via TPLEX!           

After 5 hours of driving we finally reached, BAGUIO CITY! There are so many memories in this place, good and bad, but I would always love going back to the City of Pines!

baguio trip

At around 11AM, we checked in to Belshang Inn along Asin Road.

Belshang Inn’s rate per person is P400 and we got a twin bedroom with TV, wooden table and chairs, with own toilet and bath, overlooking the mountain of buildings. LOL. I don’t wanna see Baguio as this, didn’t even take a picture but I still love that our place overlooks Baguio City.

1st Stop – Lunch at Pizza Volante

Scared that we might get stuck in traffic, Ate and Kuya parked their car at the inn and we opt to travel by jeepney and taxi! Glad that just a short walk from Belshang Inn there’s a line going to Baguio Town proper that actually stops by Burnham Park! Fare is P8.50 only per person.

Because it’s already lunchtime and our stomachs are growling, we went directly to Pizza Volante in Session Road. I thought the place is just small but upon entering the vicinity, I was surprised that it is actually wide and has a number of tables. They also have the 2nd floor. The place was fully-booked at that time but we still waited, maybe because we don’t have the energy to look for other restaurants already. Haha!

After a couple of minutes, there’s a vacant table already! We ordered pizza for all of us, yum! Ate Jacques ordered tuna while Kuya Pat chose grilled lamb; while Ryan and I ordered sizzling liempo and chicken teriyaki.

While we love the food, what we don’t like is the service.

The crews are not that attentive and won’t even make eye contact. There are times that we know they heard us but act as if they don’t hear anything. Maybe they’re just tired though.
It also took us long to get our bill. Anyway, I’ll still go back for another review though. Let learn to give second chances. Just for this! LOL

2nd Stop – Chocolate de Batirol

After the hearty lunch, we then went to Camp John Hay — because, why go to Baguio if you wouldn’t stop by Camp John Hay?

This is actually my favorite spot in Baguio — pine trees, fresh air, with view of families enjoying each other’s company – what a sight to behold indeed.

After a couple of minutes ride to Tsoko-late de batirol, we were to see flocks of people waiting to get inside. We went straight to the staff at the entrance and lined up our name. We are at number 46 when we arrived and they are just serving number 11. Amazing, you batirol!

We arrived at around 3PM and went in around 4PM. That’s one hour of waiting for batirol, suman, and turon, guys! Haha! But of course, while waiting, we did some photo ops (lol), of course.

We stayed for an hour and enjoyed our merienda! It was actually the first time that I get to enjoy batirol. I don’t know why. Haha!

3rd Stop – Camp John Hay

Then off we went to walk along Camp John Hay. We stopped by near Tsokolate de batirol and took some photos before we head back to Belshang Inn.

Tired from travel and lack of sleep, we went back to our inn first to rest and sleep before going out again to the night market.

4th Stop – Belshang Inn

I think we arrived at around 6PM at Belshang Inn. It was starting to get cold that hour. My head was starting to hurt then so I decided to have a quick nap until 7:30PM.

5th Stop – Session Road – Vizco’s Cakes

Before 7:30PM, Ryan woke me up and I started feeling really dizzy and my head hurts so much. After a couple of minutes everyone’s getting ready to go out already. We planned to go to Baguio’s night market to buy ukay ukay after eating dinner.

We again waited for the jeepney going to Baguio town proper and by this time, I know I am not feeling really well. Like if I have a choice, I just wanna stay at the inn. But of course, I don’t wanna spoil the night so I pushed myself to go because hey, it our first night!

We walked directly to Session Road and decided to eat at Vizco’s. I think I’ve tried their cakes before but I am not really sure lol. We waited for a couple of minutes, and while waiting, I was sleeping.  Huhu. Sorry, guys!

After a couple of minutes, there’s finally a table for us. Baguio is indeed crazy every December! Ryan and I ordered pesto pasta and chicken meal and a slice of strawberry cake. Ryan is not into cakes but he ate most of it so fast! Good thing I was not in the mood to eat that much. LOL.

6th Stop – Belshang Inn

We were about to go to the night market but my head hurt so much that evening that we opted to go back to Belshang directly. Ryan bought me Biogesic first while Ate and Kuya bough water in 7/11. I actually don’t know why they went to 7/11 when there’s Mercury Drug right there? Hmm. Haha!

Anyway, Ate and Kuya were okay to go back to our inn to have our full rest and just wake up early for our last day in Baguio. <3

Day 2 – December 30, 2019

Odd as it seems but I woke up sweating heavily because it was so hot! Weird really. When Ryan felt I can’t sleep and I was sweating we went up to the window and opened it.

Anyway, I woke up before 6AM and asked Ryan countless times if he wants to go out already and walk around.

He kept saying yes but still won’t get up! Haha. We ended up sleeping until 7:30AM. Haha. Ate and Kuya were still sleeping as well so might as well sleep. Lol.

At around 8AM, Ryan and I went down to look for breakfast. We thought Belshang Inn is not offering breakfast but we were surprised that they have a small room for orders!

Not bad for 70 pesos (without coffee) breakfast!

1st stop – Burnham Park

Of course, any Baguio trip will never be complete without visiting the most iconic and frequented Baguio attraction, the Burnham Park.

At around 10:30AM, we went out Belshang Inn and went directly to Burnham Park. Here are just some of our photos. Loving the Christmas vibe!

2nd Stop – Solibao Restaurant

Because it was past 12 noon already, we looked for a place to eat near Burnham and the nearest to where we were was Solibao Restaurant.

Solibao Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Baguio. I have been seeing this restaurant each time I get to visit Baguio but it was just now that I get to experience Solibao.

While we were excited to order and eat here, it was sad that the service is not good as well. The restaurant is not that full but the waiters were not focused. Maybe they were already tired. We actually approached three waiters, promised that they go back for our orders but never came back so Ryan and I went inside to do a follow-up. After several minutes, they got our order already and was served pretty much faster than we expected.

We were just at the alfresco area of the restaurant, but there were flies everywhere so we waited and opted to go inside the restaurant.

3rd Stop – Biking at Burnham Park

4th Stop – Ukay Ukay

5th Stop – SM Baguio

After our ukay haul, we went straight to SM Baguio because Ate and Kuya will buy something in the department store.

We went first to Starbucks and because Ryan and I were savings for something and coffees above 100 pesos is a no for us for now, we went to Belgian Waffle instead and bought waffles and coffee!

Then we went to the overlooking area of SM Baguio, 3rd floor, sat on the floor with our hot coffees and just talked about life in general, our future plans, and how grateful and thankful we are for the trip.

I also had a short panic attack (lol) when we realized Ryan’s jacket (my Christmas gift) was missing. I was about to get pissed but when I saw and sensed that he was really worried about the jacket, I calmed myself and him and went to every spot we went to earlier that day on SM.

So after about a couple of minutes,

6th Stop – Baguio Market

7th Stop – Dinner at Baliwag

8th Stop – Burnham Park at Night

Of course, what’s Baguio tour without visiting Burnham Park? It’s my first time to roam around the park during Christmas Season and we were so happy with the parols, lights, and people gathering together!


The best getaway indeed are those not planned! I love our Baguio trip so much that I needed to write all the details. Haha! Super thankful to Ate Jacques and Kuya Pat for this trip!

Hope we can bring the whole family here next time. 🙂



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