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Top 6 Things We Love about COAST BORACAY [#3 IS THE BEST!]

COAST Boracay resort, perfectly situated at Station 2 of Boracay’s White Beach, takes the lead as the ultimate beachfront resort in Boracay for those traveling with kids. The resort has seamless airport transfers that your kids and elders will love — which is the number 1 consideration for us when booking a hotel in Boracay.

The resort is conveniently close to DMall, in case you are in the mood for a stroll. But if you want to just chill and relax, you’re in for a treat — they have a restaurant called Cha-Cha’s Boracay that serves the best dishes too!

We really love traveling and we decided to celebrate our anniversary in different locations every year. And for our 2nd Wedding Anniversary, we chose Boracay and it will never be this unforgettable if it weren’t for COAST Boracay!

@thedioneses COAST BORACAY ☀️ If you’re traveling with your fam, best to choose COAST! Superb! ❤️ #Boracay #BoracayHotel #coastboracay ♬ Lofi hiphop perfect for travel background music(996331) – IWAI Noriko

Top 6 Things We Love about COAST BORACAY Resort

I think can write more than six actually but here are our top reasons why we loved COAST Boracay so much! If we’ll go back to the island, we’ll surely book with COAST.

1. Seamless, free, and luxurious VIP airport and boat transfer

An absolutely wonderful perk COAST BORACAY offer is their hassle-free, free airport and boat transfer. We were welcomed like a VIP, guys! Haha! Two staff were at the airport waiting for us and as soon as they knew that it was us that they are waiting, they immediately picked up our luggage to the parking area. This is really a plus for us since Levi is a bit malikot na. He was so amazed of all the airplanes!

Shout out to them as well for going back to the airport to check Levi’s other shoe since the other fell down.

Here’s a short video of our transfer!

2. Comfortable, wide, and cozy deluxe room

We got our standard room in Klook for around 7,000pesos per night. A bit higher than other hotels in Boracay but definitely worth the money!

Since we are with Levi, they gave us a baby gift set. The box contained lotions, shampoo (if I’m not mistaken), and many others. This is the first time a hotel gave us a baby gift set! Super nice.

They also welcomed us with a “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY” banner and a cake that has a Happy Anniversary note. Talk about a very warm welcome!

Photo taken from COAST Website

3. Beachfront Bliss and Swimming Pool

As soon as we stepped out of the hotel, we were greeted by the crystal-clear waters and soft, white, powdery sands of Boracay. Situated at Station 2, the location of COAST Boracay hotel is simply unbeatable. I mean, who wouldn’t love the idea of waking up with only a few steps away from the long stretch of Boracay white beach? Whether we want to enjoy the beach, or just walk by the shore, COAST Boracay’s beachfront access made every day feel like a dream come true. Hehe!

COAST Boracay Resort also has two swimming pools. One thing that really stood out during our time here is that we could enjoy a refreshing swim in the pools before heading straight to the beach! Levi had an amazing time!

4. Exceptional Service (AKA VIP Service!)

For us, as a family with toddler, what truly sets COAST Boracay apart is their exceptional service of their staff which started from the time they picked us up at the airport. They are very consistent. IThey are so consistent that I wanna know who and how they were trained. Haha!

From the warm smiles and very helpful staff who picked us up at the airport, to the very fast and VIP service of the friendly staff at the lobby and housekeeping team, we felt like we are a very cherished guests every step of the way. They even welcomed us with drinks and towel at the lobby. And when we thought all VIP feels were done, we were welcomed by a bowl of fruits and a Happy Anniversary greetings/banner. Plus, a welcome TV Greeting! So nice!

And it’s not just on the first day, mind you.

The COAST team was very consistent since our day 1 with them. It’s the kind of service that turns a good vacation into an unforgettable one.

@thedioneses Still the best beachfront resort in Boracay for us! #boracay #coastboracay #family #fypシ #thedioneses ♬ line without a hook – favmusicvibes

5. Free Breakfast Buffet at Cha Cha’s Boracay

COAST Boracay boasts the finest breakfast buffet. While the dining space might be a bit small, the selection of delectable dishes is absolutely irresistible!

The food were complete from pastries to eggs and champorado (that I wasn’t able to eat, only Ryan). Hehe! My favorite? Corned beef. So juicy!

6. Entertainment Area with FREE Popcorn

If you just want to chill inside COAST, they have an entertainment area with PlayStation, billiards, and many more. Plus, they have free popcorn. Yay!

Levi was so happy roaming around the entertainment area while Ryan was so excited with the playstation.

7. In-house Cha-Cha’s Restaurant

Since we are celebrating our Anniversary, we opted for a date at Cha Cha’s Restaurant! Very savory satay, shrimp.. At first, we thought the serving is small but surprisingly, we couldn’t finish everything — considering we’re so hungry!

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Website: http://coastboracay.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coastboracay/


For discounted rates, you may book with either of these two. For our visit, we booked via KLOOK and we didn’t encounter any problem.




Are we going back?

Of course! But while this is our favorite resort in Boracay, I think we will be trying other resorts as well so we can differentiate too. Thank you for the experience, Coast!



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