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TravelSouth KoreaHow to Check South Korea Visa Application Status for Tourist (C-3-9)

How to Check South Korea Visa Application Status for Tourist (C-3-9)

First, congratulations on your South Korea visa application! Lol. If you are like us ~ first timers ~, we had so much emotions in applying for this visa since it’s for our baby boy’s 2nd birthday. Like so many questions!

  • What is the minimum bank balance for South Korean Visa?
  • Where can I check my Korean visa application status?
  • How long does it take to process Korean tourist visa?

Can we be approved if Ryan will sponsor us (since our business is named after him)? Is it okay since we didn’t pass our cover letter? And so many more! But then we are traveling as a family so hoping for the best!

We applied last July 25 and our claim stub shows August 1 for the pick up. Anyway, here’s how you can check the status of your South Korea Visa Application. Usually, it takes about 7 days for a Korean visa to be approved if you had an online appointment.

If you are also looking for a hotel in South Korea, you may want to check Klook’s list of Hotels. Since we’ve been traveling with Levi, we’ve been fond of using the Klook app! Very user friendly and affordable!

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How to check South Korea Visa Status

1. To check the status of your Korea visa application, please go to this link https://www.visa.go.kr/.

First, you will be needing to translate the website to English. This can be found at the top right of the website. Once clicked, it will automatically translate to English.

How to check South Korea visa status

2. Next, hover your mouse to ‘Check Application Status’ and click ‘Check Application Status & Print’.

How to check South Korea visa status

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3. You will see the ‘Check Application Status & Print’ page.

This is the page where you need to carefully type in details for your to check accurately the status of your Korean Visa Application.

How to check South Korea visa status

Type of Application

  • Diplomatic Office – Tick this if you are going to Korea as a Tourist
  • e-Visa individual
  • e-Visa Group
  • Confirmation of Visa Issuance
  • Visa Application Center
  • No Visa

Select ‘Passport No.’ and add in your name and birthday.

  • Type in your passport number.
  • For the name in English, you have to type in your Surname first, followed by your first name. Example: Bernaldo Maria Lyn
  • Birthdate should be in this format: YEAR-MONTH-DAY
    Example: 1991-02-03

Here’s how it should look like.

How to check South Korea visa status

4. Once all details are filled out, click the Search button.

For our family, we lodged last July 25, that’s why the Application status is ‘Application Received’. We we’re advised to go back after 7 days.

How to check South Korea visa status

Hope this helped you check your Korea Visa application status!

Please share if you got approved! We are hoping for the best too. Haha! Will update here the results of our Korea Visa Application soon.

Anyway, if you want the shortcut to checking your Korea Visa application, click this link, change language to English, then add your details.

Link: https://www.visa.go.kr/openPage.do?MENU_ID=10301.

Good luck to us and don’t forget to use KLOOK on your travels. 🙂

AUGUST 1 UPDATE: Our Visas got approved! Single-entry 🙂 Yey!



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